Extruded Aluminium Lightboxes

The workhorse of storefront signage, our fully welded and braced extruded aluminium lightboxes are built tough as nails to handle Australian conditions.

Each box is painted with a 2K finish, rather than a cheap powdercoat to give the widest range of colour options and optimum protection from the elements.

Long lasting and lightweight Aluminium extrusions are available for most situations

100mm – the sleek, contemporary look compliments modern, low profile signage.  Illumination density and intensity can be precisely controlled with our premium back-lighting modules, giving you complete creative control.

150mm – Our most popular size.  The depth ensures even lighting with cost effective edge-lighting modules, as well as providing additional strength and rigidity.

200, 250 and 300mm – For when size matters.  These larger sizes come into their own in large formats.  When you need to dominate, or just need to be strong – we have just the product for you.

While every box is custom made to meet your need, sometimes you need that something extra.  Custom shapes are a specialty.

Where these don’t suit, we can custom design a lightbox to your exact requirements.  Just send us your idea and artwork and let us help you.

Pan Lightboxes

With a fabricated frame and Aluminium Composite face and returns, these lightboxes can be built to almost any size and shape.  Ideally suited for push-through or intracut lettering and logos, Pan lightboxes offer great design freedom.

Contact us with your idea today!

Acrylic Lightboxes

Our experience in building fabricated letters really comes to the fore when you need something special to stand out.   We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver large, challenging or seeming impossible jobs that others walk away from.


  • 4.5mm Opal Acrylic is the go-to product, giving a great balance between optical properties such as light diffusion, UV stability and strength.  Single piece faces up to 1800 x 3050mm are possible, with larger faces needing multiple sheets.  Our multi sheet faces are always rebated and pocketed for trouble free operation.
  • 4.5 Opal Polycarbonate for larger faces, or where impact resistance is a primary concern.  Polycarbonate is more expensive than Acrylic, and while tougher, has lower scratch resistance.
  • Flex Face options are also available.  These are always custom designed to suit your needs.
  • Intracut Faces in 3mm Aluminium Composite faces are carefully cut to your design.  With Opal backing, or optional push through lettering these designs give a wide range of effects and flexibility to your designs. 

Send us your artwork and requirements for a quick quote.

Please note that we supply exclusively to the trade. If you need a full service retail signmaker, designer or branding agency we are more than happy to refer you to one of our clients.

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